why would you need decompaction

The act or process of making reversal compaction, something which is less impact according to biochemistry is known as decompaction. All tablets, when ingested, initially disintegrate into macro granules in the gastro intestinal tract. Further dissolution of the macro granules into finer particles takes additional time, resulting in a time lag between dosing and onset of action. Decompaction and hydroseed technology ensures quick decompaction of granules to micro-fine particles, resulting in faster absorption and a quicker onset of action. Products manufactured using these technologies are very useful in those conditions where a rapid onset of action is desirable.

Advantages of decompaction

Task decomposition is a planning method that lets divide a broader task into smaller pieces of work or sub-tasks. The key advantage of using this method is that it provides a framework for dealing with larger action items at the lowest possible level through creating hierarchical structures and breakdowns. Such a framework provides simplicity in planning and performing various tasks and jobs. All living organisms on earth will eventually die. Many plants naturally complete their life cycle and die within a year, but even the longer lived plants such as trees have a limited natural life span. Nearly all animals in nature will succumb to disease, being killed or being eaten, it is very rare for any to make it to old age. If every organism that died did not decay and rot away, the earth's surface would soon be covered in a deep layer of dead bodies that would remain intact indefinitely.